Update to LEED 2009 Energy Requirements

04/14/2016 |

Projects must earn more energy performance points


The energy performance standards for projects certified under LEED 2009 have been updated by the USGBC. The new change – which will apply to projects certified under the LEED 2009 BD+C, ID+C, and LEED 2008 Multifamily Midrise programs – requires buildings to earn at least four energy performance credit points to receive certification.

While the expanded requirements will increase the amount of energy improvements that new projects must perform, the associated energy modeling requirements and performance standard referenced in LEED 2009 will stay the same. Projects seeking certification under LEED 2009 O+M or ND will not be affected by the new rule. The changes will stay in effect until October 31, 2016, which is the last day to register a facility under LEED 2009. Learn more about the updated rules here.

Is LEED certification right for your facility? Learn more with this guide

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