Updates Proposed for ASHRAE 189.1

04/19/2016 |

Changes to efficiency standard focus on water conservation, green roofs

Green building

New addenda have been proposed for ASHRAE/IES/USGBC/ICC Standard 189.1, Standard for the Design of High Performance Green Buildings to reflect advancements in green building best practices that have come about since the standard was created in 2006. The proposed revisions include language to clarify the scope of the standard and update language to focus more on goals, such as cutting carbon emissions, rather than strategies like energy efficiency. ASHRAE is also considering updating the standard’s purpose to state that it’s designed as the technical basis for building efficiency codes.

Other proposals include an addendum that would add provisions for vegetated roof creation and operations. Improved water performance is also targeted, with an addendum adding requirements for water bottle filling stations to improve efficiency and cut down on plastic waste. Updated requirements for water softeners are also being considered, as well as mandating the use of reverse osmosis and onsite reclaimed water systems to cut down on usage. The proposals are available for public comment on the ASHRAE website.

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