GSA Selects SITES for Land Stewardship

04/19/2016 |

Program to improve landscape sustainability

Commercial landscaping

The GSA has selected the SITES certification program to help improve the sustainability of land development and management in its capital construction program. With the agency managing a portfolio that includes over 376 million rentable square feet and more than 144,000 acres of land, the adopted standard will help administrators ensure sustainability and help meet efficiency goals for the GSA’s many project types.

The SITES program – administered by the GBCI, the same organization that administers LEED – helps developers and other professionals create communities that are resilient by using metrics to measure the effectiveness of efforts to cut water consumption, offset impacts from development, preserve wildlife habitat and improve air quality.

“The SITES program offers GSA an effective and efficient way to compel site-related performance on our various project types. Our incorporation of the SITES certification program provides an added focus on the quality of our site development, clear performance standards and third party verification; all of which will help GSA meet its sustainability goals and ensure accountability in the actual performance of delivered projects,” says Christian Gabriel, National Design Director-Landscape Architecture for the GSA.

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