Green Seal Announces New Insulation Standard

08/02/2016 |

Take a look at the new insulation guidelines for your facility

Green Seal officially released its new insulation standard, the Architectural Insulation Standard (GS-54). These new compliance rules are formatted to make it simpler for buyers to find green insulation products that protect humans and the environment.

The requirements in the new standard include:

  • Reducing global warming impacts
  • Reducing waste and hazardous chemicals
  • Helping protect human health from emissions
  • Demonstrating stewardship with programs to reduce hazards to installers and building occupants
  • Recognizing products that perform efficiently

Green Seal chose to feature the new insulation standard based on the strong demand for new insulation products among architects, consumers, and green builders. Green Seal’s researchers noted there were incorrect assertions made in the field of green insulation and sought to address those concerns in their certification checklist.

GS-54 is the most up-to-date insulation standard in the U.S. market today. The broad range of insulation products their guidelines cover including fiberglass, polyurethanes, cellulose, fabrics, mineral wool, all contribute to their goal to be the environmental leader in green business. 

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