Powering Rio Olympics 2016

08/08/2016 |

How GE Energy Connections supplies enough power to broadcast to billions

GE is supplying the entire electrical distribution for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. The 85,000-square-meter broadcast hub, known as the International Broadcast Center (IBC), serves as the base for more than 200 broadcasting stations carrying the video and audio feeds. Filled with cameras, video servers, computers, and lights, the IBC is monitored and protected by GE Energy Connections to maintain the facilities every hour of the day. 

GE uses a network of three-phase TLE and a SG Series uninterruptible power susupply to provide backup during potential power outages. The systems are run by a staff of 35 GE power professions to track the efficiency of the units and scout for any potential power hazards that may affect the broadcasts.

Twenty percent of all energy used during the Olympic Games will come from the IBC, totaling to approximately 50 megawatts of power.

"With 206 countries represented, the Rio 2016 Olympic Games will bring together all the citizens of the world to celebrate the human spirit of excellence,” said Alfredo Mello, GE’s commercial leader to the Olympic Games. “Everyone at GE is proud to help ensure that the stories of these Olympic Games are shared globally.”

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