EPA Unveils Waste-Tracking Tool

08/10/2016 |

FMs will now be able to benchmark 29 varieties of waste, including glass, paper, plastic, and trash

The EPA announced it will now feature a waste and materials tracking tool in its Energy Star Portfolio Manager that will operate as a benchmarking and tracking tool for commercial building managers and owners. FMs will now be able to track 29 varieties of waste across four different management metrics, including the measurement of paper, plastic, glass, trash, and building materials. 

The goal of the free benchmarking tool is to reduce waste and reuse materials more productively with sustainable materials. The current output of waste by the commercial buildings and manufacturing industry in the United States accounts for 45% of the 150 million tons that incur yearly. The EPA looks to streamline the process for waste management to give facility operators a detailed report on efficiency and offer sustainable solutions for reducing their environmental footprint. 

For more information on the new tracking tool, please click here

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