ISSA Announces Merger with National Cleaning Suppliers Association

08/17/2016 |

The partnership hopes to deliver positive change in the cleaning industry

Members from the National Cleaning Suppliers Association (NCSA) announced they have voted to merge with ISSA, and when finalized, their members will receive international ISSA membership benefits in addition to their local level membership program perks.

The NCSA is a trade association that provides support to suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers of cleaning products in the Australian market. 

“This will allow NCSA members to truly become part of the global cleaning industry, and it will deliver real value to our members by providing them with access to ISSA’s education programs, trade shows, networking, certification guidelines, regulatory information, and much more.  NCSA board members are committed to working closely with ISSA staff and see this as a great opportunity to contribute to a positive change in our industry," says NCSA President Stuart Nicol.

ISSA Executive Director John Barrett provided similar enthusiasm about the partnership. 

“The merger with NCSA represents an exciting development in fulfilling ISSA's mission to change the way the world views cleaning,” Barrett says. “We are delighted to partner with NCSA to serve the entire cleaning community of Oceania.”

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