New ASTM Standard Supports Use of Concrete Slabs for Commercial Projects

08/19/2016 |

FMs, engineers, and landscape architects will benefit from the provisions for concrete paving slabs

ASTM International announces it has a new standard backing the increasing trend of using concrete paving slabs for commercial building projects. The new specification (C1782/C1782M, Specification for Utility Segmental Concrete Paving Slabs) determines the minimum flexural strength, dimensional tolerances, and freeze-thaw durability requirements for paving slabs with dimensions ranging from 12x12 inches to 48x48 inches.

This specification covers the requirements for segmental concrete paving slabs manufactured for construction of pedestrian and roof applications for commercial and municipal projects where close dimensional tolerances for thickness, and/or length and width are not required.

The standard specifies that slabs can be manufactured with a dry-cast, wet-cast, or hydraulically pressed process and that concrete units covered by this specification shall be made with lightweight or normal weight aggregates or both.

For more information on the new ASTM provisions, please click here.

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