OSHA Releases Statement on Louisiana Floods

09/08/2016 |

The effects of Hurricane Hermine serve as a reminder on guidelines for workers and volunteers

The U.S. Department of Labor urges employers and the public to stay current on OSHA guidelines in regard to the cleanup and recovery efforts from the floods resulting after Hurricane Hermine in Louisiana. 

Kurt Petermeyer, OSHA’s regional administrator for the Southeast, stated:

"Recovery work should not send you to the hospital emergency room. A range of safety and health hazards exist following storms. You can minimize these dangers with knowledge, safe work practices and personal protective equipment. OSHA wants to make certain that all working men and women return home at the end of the workday."

OSHA has many resources on flood preperation and response detailing how to stay safe during floods and subsequent cleanup. 

View OSHA’s guidelines on hurricanetornado, and flood cleanup by clicking the links accordinly. 

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