Study: FM Market Worth $1.12 Trillion Annually

09/20/2016 |

IFMA and Global FM detail how the industry is poised for incredible growth

IFMA and Global FM released a new study estimating the annual worth of the global FM market to be $1.12 trillion. The estimates, which break down data for numerous individual countries across six regions globally, support the claim that facility management is a dynamic industry poised for incredible growth for years to come.

“The most compelling visions of the future include smart buildings and cities that require smart professionals to run them,” says IFMA president and CEO Tony Keane. “The demand for facility services is growing globally, and independently of regional variations in the current levels of FM market development. To meet these increasing demands, many FM professionals are turning to the landmark IFMA-RICS collaboration to unify and advance FM across the globe.”

To read more about the study, please click here

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