Delta Reveals First Antimicrobial Cooling Tower to Fight Legionella

09/23/2016 |

The line of towers aim to eliminate strains of the deadly pathogen

Delta Cooling Towers has launched a line of towers made of a unique antimicrobial HDPE designed to diminish the risk of proliferation of Legionella, the bacteria that causes potentially fatal Legionnaire’s Disease, as well as other strains of terminal pathogens hosted by cooling towers.

The cooling tower is made up of antimicrobial resin, which is entirely compounded into the base cooling tower material. The antimicrobial resin covers additives that operate on a cellular level to continuously disrupt and prevent uncontrolled growth of biofilm and microorganisms within the cooling tower.

According to the CDC, Legionella is incubated and spreads through water systems, including the cooling towers that are essential items in commercial building HVAC systems and industrial process cooling.

The President of Delta Cooling Towers, John Flaherty, gave this statement:

"Without consistent, competent water treatment, the Legionella risk is not completely eliminated, even with the new antimicrobial cooling tower. While cooling tower conditions are often managed by water treatment chemicals, such treatment is sometimes inadequate, and poor piping designs lead to “dead legs,” creating an environment in which pathogens — including Legionella — can thrive."

For more information about the antimicrobial cooling tower, please click here

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