GBCI Releases SITES Sustainable Landscape Credential

09/28/2016 |

Credential sets a framework to define sustainable landscape design and development for the profession

GBCI announced a new sustainable landscape credential for architects and sustainability professionals will be launched officially on October 1st, 2016.

The SITES credential sets a framework to define sustainable landscape design and development and provides landscape professionals with the vehicle to demonstrate their knowledge, expertise and commitment to the career.

The SITES rating system is a comprehensive program for developing sustainable landscapes that combines land development and management with innovative sustainable design. SITES defines what a sustainable site is and, ultimately, elevates the value of landscapes in the built environment.

Mahesh Ramanujam, President, GBCI, and Chief Operating Officer, USGBC, released a statement:

“As LEED has undeniably transformed the built environment, SITES has the power to transform land development and use to help reduce water demand and improve air quality and human health while also connecting people to nature. The introduction of the new SITES credential signifies the growing understanding that a sustainable built environment is not just what is inside the four walls of our homes or offices, but also includes a holistic approach to site selection and landscape development. The SITES AP will designate the leaders in sustainable landscape design and will be an important tool for professionals looking to grow their careers and impact the direction of land development and management.”

For more information on the SITES program, please click here. 

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