New ASTM Standard Looks to Improve HVAC Efficiency

10/13/2016 |

The upcoming international standard hopes to work with manufacturers and facility managers to create more efficient heating and air-conditioning systems

A new ASTM standard for heat transfer fluids is anticipated to help create more efficient heating and air-conditioning systems. The new international standard, soon to be published as D8039, Specification for Freeze Point Depressed Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Heat Transfer Fluids (HTF), was created by ASTM’s Committee on Engine Coolants and Related Fluids (D15).

ASTM highlights in the provision that heat transfer fluids used in facility HVAC systems must provide efficient energy transfer while also guarding components against corrosion and other hazards. It hopes to help manufacturers who build systems that rely on aqueous fluids and in less broad terms, this standard provides requirements for freeze-point adjusted heat transfer fluids for HVAC systems.

Committee D15 invites any and all feedback from manufacturers, facility managers, building owners and other interested stakeholders in the HVAC industry.

To read more about the upcoming standard or to submit feedback, please click here. 

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