ACEEE Urges EPA to Reward Energy Efficiency

10/27/2016 |

The ACEEE and more the 50 groups send a letter to the EPA, urging for a leveling of the playing field

The EPA is being called upon by more than 50 groups along with the ACEEE to change the way incentives are distributed in the Clean Energy Incentive Program.

In a letter, the alliance argues that energy efficiency should receive access to the same credits as renewable energy through the Clean Energy Incentive Program (CEIP). The CPP’s early-action program, as it currently stands, puts efficiency at a disadvantage in comparison to renewable energy.

The CEIP incentivizes early investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that serve low-income communities. It offers an extra incentive to renewable energy, and the group of diverse members request that the EPA also include energy efficiency in this pool of credits.

“Energy efficiency is generally the least-cost option for states looking to comply with the Clean Power Plan, but efficiency is not yet being fully considered as a strategy for the Clean Energy Incentive Plan,” says Steven Nadel, Executive Director at ACEEE. “The Environmental Protection Agency should expand the pool of credits available to renewable energy to also include energy efficiency, which would help control electric costs and keep money in the hands of communities.”

To read their letter to the EPA, visit the ACEEE website.

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