Building Performance Database Grows to Nearly 1 Million Buildings

10/27/2016 |

The Energy Department offers a plethora of tools to improve energy performance

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Building Performance Database (BPD), the nation’s largest dataset of energy-related building characteristics, is growing fast—and large.

The database has expanded to include data from over 950,000 residential and commercial buildings. BPD users are retrieving data at an average of 150 user sessions per week. Recently added features and capabilities have expanded the tool’s range of possible uses, allowing users to keep track of energy trends, use benchmarking tools and download analytical results for buildings.

FMs can also see whether a building is a high or low performer compared to similar buildings using a customized peer group with the analytics provided.

The Building Performance Database has become a useful tool for those want to apply real-world building energy dataset analytics to improve the performance of their buildings.

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