22 Organizations Receive $1.3 Million in Urban Waters Grants

10/28/2016 |

EPA through its Urban Waters Small Grants Program is awarding $1.3 million to 22 organizations to help restore health in city waterways

The EPA through its Urban Waters Small Grants Program is awarding $1.3 million to 22 organizations in 18 states to help defend and restore urban waters and to support community revitalization and other local priorities.

Many of the projects done by beneficiaries of the grants are tied to issues related to the work of facility management. The 2016 Urban Waters grantees will inform and engage residents in stormwater management and pursue community-based plans to address pollution in city waterways. To accomplish these goals, projects will address waste in waterways and test rivers, streams and lakes for pollutants; and prepare future city residents in careers in green initiatives.

Many urban waterways have been polluted for years by sewage, runoff from city streets, and contamination from abandoned industrial facilities. Healthy and accessible urban waters can enhance economic, educational, recreational, and social opportunities in surrounding communities.

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