Using Snow to Decrease Air Conditioning Costs

11/01/2016 |

This type of system could eventually help communities decrease large costs associated with snow removal, as well as air-conditioning

A UBC study concluded that snow cleared from the streets during the winter could help reduce air-conditioning costs year round.

The study involved a computer modelling exercise wherein snow was set to reduce electricity consumptions in apartment buildings.

“While further research is needed, the potential of this type of system to be used for large buildings and institutions looks promising,” says Rehan Sadiq, a Professor of Engineering at UBC’s campus in Kelowna. “Aside from making good use of waste material, this type of system could eventually help large organizations such as municipalities recoup some of the considerable costs associated with snow removal.”

The study was done in collaboration with UBC graduate student Venkatesh Kumar and was recently published in the journal Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy. To read the full study, please visit:

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