Workplace Design Affects Employee Satifaction

11/07/2016 |

The report finds that employees who are more satisfied with their personal workplace are much less likely to quit

A correlation was found between the design of workplaces and overall employee satisfaction in a report conducted by the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) and Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA).

The report, entitled, “Design Leveraged, Volume II,” is the second in a three-part series, which makes the case that good workplace design has a measurable impact on employee satisfaction and has a net-positive effect on ROI for employers.

Highlighted in the report, Brandware found that employees who are more satisfied with their personal workplace are less likely to quit, are more engaged at work, have higher job satisfaction, make better coworkers and show more support for corporate goals. The report also reveals the top 10 complaints employees have about workplace design.

“The results of the research make clear that beyond wages, benefits, vacations, and promotions, workplace design is strongly linked with employee retention, engagement and productivity,” said IIDA Executive Vice President and CEO Cheryl S. Durst, Hon. “Clients want to understand the value of investing in workplace design, and in Design Leveraged, we provide thought-provoking, statistically significant data and key case studies that will resonate with the C-suite, making this report a vital tool for design firms.”

More than 1,200 U.S.-based office workers participated in the survey, which was conducted by Brandware Research and showcases the stark differences between employees who are satisfied with their workplaces versus those who are not.

To view a sample of the report, please click here.

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