8 Factors That Create Healthier Offices

11/16/2016 |

Green offices that keep staff healthy and happy improve productivity and boost bottom line

A new report from the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) highlights eight factors that create healthier and greener offices that will help employees as well as impact the bottom line:

  1. Indoor air quality and ventilation — A well-ventilated office can double cognitive ability.
  2. Thermal comfort — Staff performance can fall 6% if offices are too hot and 4% if they are too cold.
  3. Daylighting and lighting — A study found workers in offices with windows got 46 minutes more sleep a night than workers without them.
  4. Noise and acoustics — Noise distractions led to 66% drop in performance and concentration.
  5. Interior layout and design — Flexible working helps staff feel more in control of workload and encourages loyalty.
  6. Biophilia and views — Processing time at one call center improved by 7%-12% when staff had a view of nature.
  7. Look and feel — Visual appeal is a major factor in workplace satisfaction.
  8. Location and access to amenities — A Dutch cycle-to-work program saved €27 million in absenteeism.

Employers, building owners, designers and developers throughout the world are detailing how it's profitable to invest in green offices that keep their occupants healthy and happy. Easy steps like improving air quality, increasing natural light and introducing greenery, can also have a dramatic impact on the bottom line by improving employee productivity and reducing absenteeism, staff turnover and medical costs.

The Building the Business Case: Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Green Offices report and Executive Summary are available for free download from the Better Places for People website.

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