Free "Trash Madness" Toolkit Available

11/22/2016 |

The free "Trash Madness" toolkit from Legrand, which promotes recycling and waste reduction practices at workplaces, is now available to FMs

To address the need for recycling and waste reduction practices at buildings and facilities, Legrand North America has released its "Trash Madness" toolkit. The document gives its methodology it used during its own "Trash Madness," a company-wide, employee competition that ran in 2015 and helped Legrand promote its recycling and waste reduction program throughout several U.S locations. The toolkit is now available for download on the website. 

The Trash Madness competition consisted of a bracket-style tournament where different sites worked to achieve the highest Recycling Compliance percentage score. The results included a 14% improvement in Recycling Compliance overall and an introduction of over 447 waste management ideas. 

“Having a competition that incentivizes proper recycling and waste reduction behaviors is a fun way to boost employee engagement and understanding around an organization’s sustainability program,” says Susan Rochford, VP, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability & Public Policy, Legrand North and Central America. “Our toolkit outlines the steps and methodology we used in hosting a successful competition, and in setting a foundation for long-term waste diversion strategies.”

Legrand North America’s Trash Madness Toolkit is available online for download here. 

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