Green Seal Proposes Revisions to Cleaning Product Standards

12/06/2016 |

Green Seal invites public comment from interested parties through January 16th, 2017

Green Seal is inviting public comment on proposed revisions to nine cleaning product standards. Green Seal stated they would like to recieve comment from a diverse group of stakeholders including product manufacturers, public health experts, environmental organizations and other interested parties.

The comment period will be open through Monday, January 16th, 2017. Anyone interested in commenting can register to submit feedback and view all relevant documents via an online forum at

The proposed revisions are intended to improve consistency, clarity and to ensure that the requirements are practical for manufacturers while still maintaining current leadership levels of environmental and human health protection. Additionally, some standards require updates to account for changes in the market and the commercial availability of new technologies. 

In most cases the proposed revisions are not expected to immediately require reevaluations of currently certified products or changes in their formulations. Complete details of the standard revisions can be found at

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