California Looking to Make Water Conservation Measures Permanent

12/08/2016 |

In response to the 4-year drought, California state agencies are moving forward with a plan to commit to long-term efficient water use and drought preparedness goals

A water-conservation draft plan recently released by California state agencies looks to achieve long-term efficient water use and meet drought preparedness goals. While some people viewed increased water-conservation methods as temporary, the state is aiming to make them permanent in the wake of the state’s four-year drought.

“We’re going to give all these water agencies a budget, and we’re going to say, ‘you have to be in your budget, and your budget is going to be x-gallons of water. If you’re under x, you’re good, and if you’re over that budget, then the state is going to help you meet that budget,’ and that can include everything from technical assistance to enforcement,” says State Water Resources Control Board member Max Gomberg.

To see a PDF of the press release and statement from the California Department of Water Resources, please click here

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