Bill Gates Leads $1 Billion Clean Energy Initiative

12/21/2016 |

The Breakthrough Energy Ventures Fund consists of Bill Gates and nearly two dozen investors with a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and nearly two dozen investors, including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and former energy hedge fund manager, John Arnold, have joined together to form The Breakthrough Energy Ventures Fund (BEV).

The initiative looks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions close to zero by funding emerging clean energy technology.

"I am honored to work along with these investors to build on the powerful foundation of public investment in basic research,” says BEV chairman Bill Gates. “Our goal is to build companies that will help deliver the next generation of reliable, affordable, and emissions-free energy to the world.”

BEV will collaborate with other investors, governments, research institutions and corporate partners to develop a fund with internal scientific expertise. 

To see the fund in more detail, please click here. 

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