Carbon Trust Releases Zero Waste To Landfill Certification

12/28/2016 |

The certification recognizes achievements in reducing environmental impact through actively diverting its non-hazardous waste streams from landfill

The U.K.-based Carbon Trust, certifier and developer of low-carbon technologies and solutions, has launched a new certification to recognize organizations that have successfully achieved zero waste to landfill.

The Carbon Trust Standard for Zero Waste to Landfill recognizes achievements in reducing its environmental impact through actively diverting non-hazardous waste streams from landfill, typically through a combination of reducing waste, finding ways to reuse materials, increasing recycling or sending waste to energy recovery.

It offers an independent, third-party validation of achievement in waste management and provides an opportunity to validate real achievements in managing solid wastes, demonstrating that waste streams are being managed and that recovery, recycling or reuse solutions are being actively implemented.

A zero waste to landfill target contributes to tangible savings, both through better use of resources and reduced landfill costs, as well as demonstrating a commitment to becoming a more sustainable company.

One of the first companies to achieve the new certification was ASSA ABLOY, one of the world’s largest lock manufacturers.

"Minimizing and ultimately eliminating waste generation across all of our waste streams, where possible, is a real opportunity for us to greatly reduce our environmental impact," says Charles Robinson, Sustainability Manager – EMEA, ASSA ABLOY. "Working with the Carbon Trust was a really good chance for us to verify our Zero Waste to Landfill achievements, with an independent and internationally recognised organisation. ASSA ABLOY and the Carbon Trust share the same values in fact-based transparency, which ensured the partnership was a great fit."

To learn more about the Carbon Trust Standard for Zero Waste to Landfill certification, please click here

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