New OSHA White Paper Stresses Work Safety and Health

01/12/2017 |

The white paper dials in on different strategies of how organizations can use sustainability techniques to advance employee safety and health

Occupational Safety and Health Administration have released a new white paper stressing the importance of worker safety and health in sustainability efforts.

"Sustainability in the Workplace: A New Approach for Protecting Worker Safety and Health," centers on different strategies of how organizations can use sustainability techniques to identify innovative approaches for advancing safety and health.

The main highlights of the white paper as pointed out by the website are as follows:

  • Creating new partnerships to advance integrated OSH and sustainability activities;
  • Enhancing interdisciplinary training and education for workers, the OSH community, and business professionals;
  • Measuring the impact of safety and health performance on business outcomes;
  • Recognizing employers that successfully integrate OSH into sustainability efforts; and
  • Improving access to data on safety and health for sustainability reporting

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