5 Ways Internet of Things Improves Business

02/07/2017 |

The white paper from Microsoft and Smart Cities Council outlines five specific ways Internet of Things (IoT) delivers value to building owners and facility managers

Companies and institutions all over the world are utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) to improve customer service and benefit their customers, and that is exactly the focus of a new white paper from  Microsoft and the Smart Cities Council (SCC), a group of more than 120 partners and advisors and the author of the internationally recognized Smart Cities Readiness Guide.

The white paper outlines five specific ways Internet of Things (IoT) delivers value in neighborhoods, downtowns and city halls — from improving the quality of life and enhancing the urban lifestyle to providing insights that improve citizen engagement, service delivery and streamline government operations, while also providing the direct impacts on how effectively FMs can carry out their daily assignments.

5 Ways IoT Improves Customer Service and Benefits Your Citizens is full of real-life examples of IoT in action in cities today from coast to coast. It also documents how the benefits of IoT get exponentially greater when public agencies combine mobile technologies with fast wireless connectivity, cloud computing, real-time analytics and predictive analytics.

  1. IoT enables bettercitizen engagement 
  2. IoT improves quality of life
  3. IoT enhances the urban lifestyle
  4. IoT provides insights thatimprove service delivery and planning for the future
  5. IoT streamlines government operations; brings cost efficiencies and better collaboration

To see more details on the five aforementioned ways IoT can improve buldings, 5 Ways IoT Improves Customer Service and Benefits Your Citizens can be downloaded free of charge on the Microsoft webpage.

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