Prevent Ladder Deaths and Injuries With Training

02/20/2017 |

The American Ladder Institute's survey on ladder safety training led to the creation of National Ladder Safety Month, debuting March 2017

The common fear of heights is justified when you become aware that work-related ladder falls result in one death and more than 180 nonfatal injuries every two days in just the U.S. alone.

The American Ladder Institute (ALI), found 75% of respondents in its survey on ladder safety training felt that ladder accidents that occurred in their workplaces could have been prevented with proper training.

In a reaction to the study, ALI dedicated its efforts to increase awareness of the importance of safe ladder use through resources, training, and a national dialogue by establishing National Ladder Safety Month, which debuts in March 2017.

“Reported incidents taken from the American Ladder Institute’s 2016 research study showed the two most common causes of ladder accidents are overreaching and missing the last step when descending the ladder,” says Ryan Moss, president of ALI and chief executive officer of Little Giant Ladder Systems. “These two common mistakes can be minimized with proper training. We recommend that those who use ladders at home and on the job are educated and trained on the proper use, care, and selection of ladders. We invite all to join us in embracing National Ladder Safety Month and get trained in the month of March.”

There are resources available on the National Ladder Safety Month website, including training resources, a checklist, Ladder Safety 101 and Safety Standards—all of which can reduce OSHA citations, accidents and fatalities from ladder use, both at home and at work.

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