It's Time to Think Spring with Sustainable Grounds Management

03/09/2017 |

Change the landscape of your building's grounds with a new sustainability practices guide from PGMS

The ever-changing line of work that is professional grounds management has a guide to make it easier. For best practices and the best way to implement projects, the Professional Grounds Management Society has released “A Guide to Grounds Management Best Practices.”

This guide offers best practices in the green industry, including real-life examples of practices and advice on ways to implement them. The publication presents practices specific to grounds management and provides examples of how and where these practices are working.

“Critical to the fulfillment of the sustainability goals affixed to any particular sector that has a grounds component is the effective and responsible management of its various functioning parts,” says PGMS President Marion Bolick, CGM.

At first, the extensive educational document will be available to PGMS members only through the PGMS website.

“PGMS has always been at the forefront of industry trends, changes and expansions. This guide emphasizes the grasp of understanding we have on our ever-changing profession and the interest our association has in holding our industry to the highest standard. Our members and Board of Directors are truly leaders for a sustainable future,” says Bolick.

More information can be found at the PGMS webpage

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