New Standard From NEMA Targets HID Lamps

03/14/2017 |

A new version of ANSI C78.380 American National Standard for Electric Lamps targets intense lighting in incandescent lamps and low-pressure sodium lamps

A brand new version of ANSI C78.380 American National Standard for Electric Lamps—High-Intensity Discharge Lamps was released by ANSI Accredited Standards Committee C78, as announced by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).

This standard defines a system for the designation of high-intensity discharge lamps, which includes compact, enclosed-arc discharge light sources such as mercury, metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and similar types of lamps.

For convenience, low-pressure sodium lamps, although technically not high-intensity discharge lamps, are included with the group. Revisions to ANSI 78.380 include a new reference section and general edits.

Contact NEMA at if you are an industry lighting expert interested in participating in the User and General Interest category standard development activities. Indicate your interest category and area of expertise in the body of the email.

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