New Guide Walks FMs Through Multiple Certifications

04/12/2017 |

The document helps you certify to both Green Star and Living Building Challenge simultaneously

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) have released a new guidance document to streamline certification efforts for projects pursuing both Green Star and Living Building Challenge ratings.

This come after a commitment made by the two organizations in 2016 to work collaboratively to promote the design, construction and operations of positive and restorative buildings. 

"Increasingly, leaders in Australia’s property and construction industry are looking to pursue more than one rating to demonstrate transparency, accountability and sustainability," says Jorge Chapa, GBCA’s head of Market Transformation. "By working together, we’ve identified the overlaps between the two rating systems so that project teams can avoid duplication of effort. As a result, achieving both Green Star and Living Building Challenge ratings will be faster and cheaper."

The document provides guidance specific to new buildings rated under Green Star – Design & As Built v1.1 and Living Building Challenge 3.1. In February, the GBCA and the International WELL Building Institute released similar guidance for dual ratings under Green Star and the WELL Building Standard.

"This partnership comes at a critical time where our collective work is more important than ever," says Amanda Sturgeon, CEO of ILFI. "This will allow project teams pursuing ratings with both systems easier access to essential information and ultimately, accelerate the move to regenerative design."

Download Green Star – Design & As Built / Living Building Challenge: Approaches to buildings or fitouts seeking a dual rating from the ILFI Web site.

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