How to Choose the Right Water-Driven Pump for Your Facility

04/12/2017 |

A new online tool, the Water-Driven Pump HydroGuide, determines the best water-driven pump based on inlet pressure, flow rate, and/or dilution rate

A new online tool is available from Hydro Systems that determines the best water-driven pump for your building.

Named the “Water-Driven Pump HydroGuide” it helps facility managers find the water pump that best meets their needs. Due to the variety of applications and particular environments in which pumps are used, the guide aims to help ease confusion with different ones on the market.

“Choosing the right WDP is a complicated process because there are numerous technologies available and because certain technologies can only be used in certain situations,” says Scott Campbell, Global Product Manager at Hydro System.

The HydroGuide allows users to find information about the proper water-driven pump in several ways.  Visitors can input a competitive part number, and the tool will highlight the closest equivalent Hydro Systems part number.  Alternatively, users can also select the application (animal health, horticulture, jansan, etc.) for their WDP, as well as sub-applications.

Additional criteria such as the chemical being used, inlet pressure, flow rate, and/or dilution rate can also be selected.  Based on Hydro Systems’ years of field experience, the tool guides the customer to the right product, providing the model number and information such as inlet/outlet sizing.

To use the free Water-Driven Pump HydroGuide, click here.

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