OSHA Safety Awareness Campaign Aim to Prevent Falls

04/26/2017 |

The week-long safety awareness campaign brought together by OSHA and ARMA focuses on preventing falls from ladders, scaffoldings, roofs and other high areas

The leading cause of death by construction professionals in 2015 were falls from elevated spaces. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that of the 4,836 fatalities that occurred across all industries in 2015, 648 were caused by falls. OSHA and one other organization are joining together to reverse this trend.

To spread awareness of this issue, the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA), a trade association representing North America’s asphalt roofing manufacturing companies and their raw material suppliers, is supporting OSHA in its National Safety Stand-Down Campaign. The safety awareness event takes place May 8-12 and urges workers, employers, and safety associations around the country to step down from their ladders, scaffoldings, roofs, and other high places and dedicate time to worker safety and fall prevention.

“We know roofing professionals are highly skilled and know to take every precaution while working at high elevations, but sometimes they need a reminder to do so,” says Reed Hitchcock, executive vice president of ARMA. “We encourage our members to observe National Safety Stand-Down in order to minimize accidents in the workplace by raising awareness of an important issue that impacts the entire roofing industry.”

ARMA has been dedicated to worker safety both in its members’ manufacturing facilities and on roofs over the last three decades. ARMA has recognized member manufacturing facilities that have high safety records and significant incident rate improvements. ARMA is devoted to spreading key safety techniques and best practices and its members are united in their dedication to safety.

To learn how to partner with OSHA during the Stand-Down, get information on how to conduct a successful event, obtain resources for employees and workers, receive a certificate of participation, and get the latest news, visit OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down Campaign website.

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