Top Wind Energy Trends in 2017

04/27/2017 |

The 22nd annual edition of the World Wind Energy Market Update analyzes the global wind power market and the activity of all large-scale wind turbine manufacturers. 

A new paper from Navigant Research shows that global wind turbine installations in 2016 reached 54.3 GW, underlining how firmly wind power is entrenched as part of the broader energy system. Although this was a strong showing, it is down from the record level of wind installed in 2015 of 63.1 GW. The global downturn in 2016 was largely due to less capacity installed in China, which resulted in a significant shake-up in the rankings of the world’s top 10 wind turbine suppliers. Other major markets, including the United States, India, and Europe, showed consistent and stable deployments.

To download the whitepaper, please click here. 

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