Don’t Buy HVAC Coils Before You Read This

05/10/2017 |

The stock coil database contains over 200,000 hot water coils and booster coils, and includes part numbers and prices

Do you know every single specification when it comes to your hot water and booster coils? Do you know the approximate tube diameters, casing types and fin lengths?

A searchable stock coil database from Emergent Coils is available, and have recently added performance data to aid FMs in the purchasing and replacement of HVAC coils.

The stock coil database contains over 200,000 hot water coils and booster coils, and includes part numbers and prices. It allows customers to run searches based on specifications, including: Tube Diameter, Casing Type, Rows, Fin Height, Fin Length, Fins Per Inch and Connection Size.

The newly added performance data includes: Capacity, Air Flow Rate, Entering Air Temp, Leaving Air Temp, Air Pressure Drop, Entering Fluid Temperature, Leaving Fluid Temperature and Fluid Pressure Drop.

“The new performance data shows how each coil will perform under standard conditions,” says Tommy Thompson, Vice President of Sales for Emergent Coils. “Customers trying to reach a certain tonnage amount or concerned about drops in water or fluid pressure will have the information at their fingertips.”

To check out the database, visit the Emergent Coils website here.

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