Product Recall: Amphenol UTX PV Solar Panel Connectors

05/24/2017 |

About 97,000 units of Amphenol UTX PV model connectors are being recalled due to shock hazards

Amphenol UTX PV model connectors sold with an array of solar panel brands have been recalled after microscopic cracks formed in the product that then seeps moisture into it, posing an electric shock risk.

The connectors have a black plastic exterior with “Amphenol” and “UTX PV” stamped on the end.  They consist of a male pin on one end and a female socket on the other end. The company has received no incident reports at this time, according to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recall number 17-736. 

About 97,000 units are included in this recall. Facility managers affected by this recall should contact the manufacturer, SolarWorld Americas, for a free replacement at 855-467-6527 or

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