Does Using CMMS Maintenance Software Improve ROI?

07/17/2017 |

The survey measured benefits of CMMS implementations

A thorough analysis of how computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) can deliver value was released by CMMS provider, Maintenance Connection.

The 2017 State of CMMS Report, steered with data from 1,000 maintenance professionals, rates CMMS programs based on their successes and/or failures. Questions in the survey asked participants how their teams are using maintenance management software to improve their operational process.

Among several difference industries—including education, government, manufacturing, healthcare and more—State of CMMS Report shows the majority of respondents who implement preventive maintenance schedules can expect to see the highest ROI.

“We were intrigued to find that 88% of facilities that have substantially rolled out a CMMS report significant cost savings, from tens of thousands to millions of dollars,” says Greg Squires, Maintenance Connection’s head of marketing.

While many are using software programs, a few respondents (20%) are still using old-fashioned paper-based systems to track progress.

“Many organizations have not yet implemented a robust CMMS, primarily due to a budget constraints, lack of asset and inventory data integrity, and the challenge with proving ROI before approving the project. That’s a major reason why we produced this research, ” says Squires.

To read Maintenance Connection’s full 2017 State of CMMS Report, download it here.

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