DOE: Jobs in Energy Efficiency Being Driven by HVAC

07/25/2017 |

The energy efficiency sector increased in 2016 by just under 5%, adding over 300,000 net new jobs, roughly 14% of all those created in the country

An approximate 6.4 million Americans currently work in the traditional energy and energy-efficiency industries—with HVAC playing a big large role.

According to DOE’s second annual “National Energy Employment Analysis,” out of the 6.4 million employed, 552,147 of those are employed in high-efficiency HVAC equipment/appliances field, 520,572 are employed in traditional HVAC positions and 116,445 occupy renewable heating and cooling occupations.

“Regulatory environments are driving growth in energy-efficient commercial HVAC markets,” says Lisa Hickey, manager, marketing communications, Belimo Americas. “Global revenue for energy-efficient commercial HVAC systems is expected to increase from $22.8 billion in 2015 to $47.5 billion in 2024, according to Navigant Research.

The DOE report gives credit to HVAC’s growth largely to new technologies in appliances/equipment, advanced building materials and lighting.

A copy of the report is available at the DOE's website here

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