5 Ways to Maintain Your Building Systems in the Summer (and Fall) Heat

08/02/2017 |

If you think the summer heat is almost over—think again

As we switch the calendar page from July to August, people jump to conclusions that the summer heat is on its way out and the cool fall is near—but it’s never that easy.

Fall 2017 is expected to be much warmer than average for most of the U.S, according to the latest outlook from The Weather Company. Most of the East, South, and northern plains will likely see above average temperatures from the September through November time-period.

So, what is a facility manager to do when warm weather permits much longer in the year? Maintaining critical systems, especially refrigeration systems, in hotter temperatures will require a little more effort.

MaintenX offer a few tips to ensure your critical facility systems run smoothly this summer and into the warmer fall months:

Preventive maintenance

First and foremost, it is important to have a proper preventative maintenance plan in place to maintain peak efficiency for all of your critical facility systems. Having a designated technician regularly check and clean your air-conditioning, plumbing and refrigeration systems can prevent breakdowns. By investing in a preventive maintenance plan, proactive measures will save your company time and money.


Timely maintenance to your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) unit can keep your system in a good state of repair and keep utility costs down. Change your system’s air filter once a month to prevent your unit from working harder than it has to. In addition, it is important to keep your air conditioner clean. This includes the drain pans, fan motor and condenser coils. These simple actions will ensure your air-conditioning system keeps all of your employees and patrons comfortable this summer.

Plumbing systems

The summer months typically lead to an increase in water usage. This influx means it is especially crucial to maintain your plumbing systems to avoid any problems. To prevent clogged sinks, snake your drains regularly to prevent blockages. A baking soda and vinegar mixture can also be utilized to break down any build-up. Be sure to have your pipes’ water jetted to remove any gunk that gathered over the year, too.

Refrigeration systems

Although it may be hot outside, you want to make sure your company’s refrigeration system stays cold. To make sure your unit works efficiently this season, check refrigerant levels, thermostats and pressure controls. Be sure to check the system’s temperature readings inside the unit and inspect the discharge, liquid and suction lines too. You will also want to clean motors, coils and drain pans to avoid any breakdowns.

Irrigation systems

Well-maintained landscaping on your property is an important part of making a strong first impression with potential customers. To ensure your lawn stays green this summer, check that all sprinkler heads are in working order. Oftentimes, grass and weeds can grow over your watering system and prevent adequate irrigation. On the other hand, it is also important to not overwater your grass. If summertime brings frequent storms to your area, adjust your sprinklers frequency accordingly to prevent a flooded front lawn.

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