Paper Towels vs. Hand Dryers

08/22/2017 |

The great debate may have been decided by a recent study

The war waged in bathrooms all across the United States exists in the 5-10 seconds after handwashing. Paper towel or hand dryers—which one will you choose for your building? More importantly, what do your occupants want?

The Cintas Corporation ordered a survey for just this very debate, to identify once and for all which hand-drying method is preferred in the United States by consumers.

Which emerged victorious in battle for hand drying? Paper towels. Approximately 69% of respondents in the survey preferred to use paper towels to air dryers when drying hands in public restrooms.

Even further, one in four respondents believe that not only are air dryers inferior to paper towels but also that it blows bacteria on their hands.

“Hand drying plays an important role in effective hand hygiene,” says John Engel, Director of Marketing, Cintas. “Studies show that germs can be more easily transferred to and from wet hands, which is why drying hands after washing them is essential to staving off bacteria and limiting the spread of infection.”

The survey, conducted online by Harris Poll between May 19 and 23, among 2,048 U.S. adults ages 18 and older, did not take sustainability and reducing waste into account. To see more results from the survey, please click here

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