App Helps Patients Find Way Around Hospital

08/24/2017 | By Keith Evanson

New app from Gozio Health helps patients navigate healthcare facilities

Often overlooked among the grandiose, beautiful marvels of modern hosptial architecture is one simple question: how do I get around this place?

University of Miami Health System selected Gozio Health to provide a system-wide mobile app to help answer this very question. 

To get around hospitals and health campuses, patients use the app to access a wayfinding platform that aids in navigation and access to location-based services.

“More and more patients expect healthcare systems to offer convenient, personalized experiences, and mobile wayfinding is a service that improves the overall patient experience,” says Joshua Titus, CEO and founder of Gozio Health.

Gozio Health developed the smartphone-based application with state-of-the-art indoor navigation and user features that engage patients in their care. Additionally, it provides physician directories, contact information, appointment schedules and parking reminders.

“With mobile wayfinding, patients can rest assured they have a navigational tool for their health care journey at their fingertips,” says Dr. David Seo, CIO and Chief Medical Informatics Officer.

Gozio Health will be providing indoor navigation for the following health centers: University of Miami Hospital (UMH), Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center/University of Miami Hospital and Clinics (UMHC) and Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, as well as the UMH and Soffer Clinical Research Center parking decks. 

To see more information on the app, visit the Gozio Health web site here.

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