New ADA Standard Specifies Piping Safety in Restrooms

09/08/2017 |

Exposed piping in public restrooms requires insulation or configuration to protect disabled individuals

A new ASTM International standard on safety for disabled individuals is now available.

Designed to help improve safety of public restrooms for people with disabilities, C1822, Specification for Insulating Covers on Accessible Lavatory Piping, provides guidance on protecting people from exposed pipes in accessible restrooms.

As part of the Americans with Disability Act, exposed piping in public restrooms requires insulation or configuration to protect persons in wheelchairs or with other disabilities. Insulating covers must protect against potential burns and other dangerous reactions in contact with hot or cold pipes. Sharp or rough elements of piping must be covered to reduce the potential for injury.

Also included in this specification are criteria for classifying removable and reusable protective covers on exposed drain and water supply piping under lavatories and sinks, along with methods of marking or labeling.

All products must adhere to specified requirements for dimensions; form and installation; workmanship, finish, and appearance; apparent material thermal conductivity; water absorption; surface burning characteristics; rate of burning; fungi growth; water temperature and pH; surface deflection and load; and cracks or voids.

To learn more about the ASTM standard or to download a PDF, you can visit the ASTM web site.

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