3 Strategies For a Successful Workplace

09/29/2017 |

Research finds three components to be essential to improving environments

Do you ever find yourself wanting to make some improvements in your office space but don’t know where to start? Time passes, and a work environment can become stale and in need of a transformation, even if only for a small adjustment.

Margulies Perruzzi Architects (MPA), a New England-based interior and architectural design firm, released a video series intended to help businesses utilize their workplace as a tool to become more successful.

The video series frameworks the business and workplace transformation catalysts that best help nurture productive and inspiring work environments.

There are three core strategies covered in the videos that you should know:

  • Inspire creativity with collaboration and technology, support for mobile work, and creation of quiet space;
  • Attract and retain talent by creating community, supporting social interaction, and promoting wellness; and
  • Enhance mission engagement by crafting an image and increasing brand awareness.

The work environment that a company designs today must support the workforce of the future. MPA’s video series closes with insight on four major topics that companies should consider as they plan real estate solutions for the future.

MPA’s Workplace Strategy video series and Improve your Bottom Line with Workplace Strategy research report are available for free. 

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