Massachusetts Tops ACEEE Energy Efficiency Scorecard For 7th Straight Year

10/12/2017 |

Top finishers in this year’s Scorecard include Massachusetts, California, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Oregon

This eleventh edition of the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) State Energy Efficiency Scorecard benchmarks state progress on efficiency policies and programs that save energy while benefiting the environment and promoting growth.

ACEEE uses data vetted by state energy officials to rank states in six categories—utility programs, transportation, building energy codes, combined heat and power, state initiatives, and appliance standards.

Top finishers in this year’s Scorecard include Massachusetts, California, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Oregon.

The most-improved states are Idaho, Florida, and Virginia. The Scorecard shows that energy efficiency is a key resource in these states and others, with utilities spending approximately $7.6 billion in 2016 for efficiency programs nationwide and saving 25.4 million MWh of electricity.

The 51 utilities presented in the Scorecard operate within various state and regulatory environments, which are strong drivers of high performance in utility-sector energy efficiency.

Why is Massachusetts so dominate in energy efficiency?

The strength of Massachusetts' energy efficiency prowess exists in its remarkable utlility providers: Eversource and National Grid. Across the board, both scored high in average energy savings targets and overall program performance.

Eversource Massachusetts (Eversource MA) and National Grid Massachusetts (NG MA) earned the most points overall with 45.5 out of 50. These top two performers excelled in all three categories and were nearly 10 points ahead of the next utility (Pacific Gas & Electric), a California utlity company. 

You can download the ACEEE report here to read more. 

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