Tips To Ensure Your HVAC System Thrives This Winter

10/31/2017 |

Modine Manufacturing offers a comprehensive winter checklist to keep the heat going strong this winter

It’s getting colder and that means one thing for those who maintain HVAC systems: it’s time to start preparing heating equipment for winter.

Modine Manufacturing provides a handy commercial maintenance checklist and inspection form to help facility managers this winter, available online at

The checklist covers all aspects of heating, involving general maintenance practices, gas supply, air movers, condensate removal & disposal systems, thermostats, gas burners, vent systems and more.

A warning is issued by the company states that this work must be performed by a qualified service or maintenance technician—but a review can be conducted by both technicians and facility managers together to ensure thorough proper practices are conducted.

For general heating system maintenance, Modine offers these crucial checkpoints:

  • Check equipment for any physical damage that may have occured over the summer. This should include damage to sheet metal, fans and air movers, wiring, gas pipes, vent systems and equipment supports.
  • Look for cleanliness of heat exchanger and burners.
  • Check to make certain the vent system has not been compromised and is in the proper working order.
  • Check for obstructions that may be blocking the air inlet or discharge paths of the heat exchanger.

To download the entire checklist, visit

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