Office Layout Designs for a Productive, Happy Workplace

11/02/2017 |

An infographic from Cubicle Concepts illustrates what works and what doesn't work well in today's office

Did you know that only 33% of workers are actively engaged in work? Seems like a drastically low number, but according to Cubicle Concepts, Terrapin Bright Green and Forbes, it's the reality we live and work in today.

How did this come to be? Much of it has to do with poor workplace design. Many inefficiencies exist because of noise distractions, lack of privacy and bad air quality.

It is fundamentally important to arrange your office’s layout in relation to your company’s values, too. If your workplace values rely on an open-space, collaborative environment for a flat organizational structure, it may be time to tear down those walls or introduce additional cooperative stations for small teams to converse.

Cubicle Concepts provides a helpful infographic to illustrate the best practices for a happy, healthy and productive workplace.

Here it is below:

Office Layout Dos and Don

By Cubicle Concepts


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