Natural Gas is Out, Electricity is In

11/10/2017 |

Alternative fuels used by fleet managers continue to be a mixed bag

Natural gas has decreased in popularity as a power source among fleet managers, while electricity has increased in popularity, according to a survey by the National Fleet Management Association (NAFA).

When comparing NAFA’s 2014 and 2017 Alternative Fuels Survey it reveals a major shift in opinion on future reliance on alt-fuels types. Speculation concerning which fuel types would wind up at the head of the pack seems similarly contradictory.

When asked in 2014 which alternative fuels fleet managers believe will be the most used in their fleet in the next one to five years, 31.5 percent of respondents said compressed natural gas would be their top choice. This year, CNG’s favor has fallen to only 8.2 percent.

Responses to NAFA’s Alternative Fuels Survey show that the larger the fleet, the more likely it is that the fleet operator will be interested in learning about, and investing in, fuel types outside of traditional fossil fuels.
Infrastructure remains a huge barrier to adoption. If there’s a requirement for an organization to build its own fueling solution rather than having something already available and accessible, the organization is probably not going to make that investment.

To read more about the NAFA Fleet Management study, you can visit their website at

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