Facebook Invests $1 Billion in Solar Energy and Data Centers

11/15/2017 |

In Henrico County, Virginia, Facebook is set to construct a 970,000 square foot data center and spend hundreds of millions building solar facilities

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has announced that Facebook is set to invest over $1 billion in the Old Dominion state. 

Facebook is set to $750 million to construct a 970,000 square foot data center in Henrico County and it will also spend hundreds of millions building "multiple solar facilities" to power the data center with renewable energy.

"I am proud to welcome Facebook to Henrico County, and we look forward to a strong partnership," says Governor McAuliffe in a statement. 

Rachel Peterson, Facebook's director of data strategy, added: "When considering new data center locations, we not only look for clean and renewable energy solutions, but great partnerships within the local community, a strong pool of local talent, excellent access to fiber, and a robust electric grid. Henrico County and the Commonwealth of Virginia has it all."

The tech-giant is aiming high to be a sustainable force, committed to powering 100% of its corporation and facilities with clean and renewable energy.

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