The Ability to Work From Home: A Must Have For Employees

11/27/2017 |

Employers are are at risk of losing talent to competitors who are better able to adapt to office trends such as the ability to work remotely

Could you work from home if you absolutely needed to? 43% of employees say that the ability to work remotely is a must-have, despite only 38% of employers allowing it.

According to the Staples Workplace Survey, which surveys thousands of workers across the U.S., 80% of workers believe that employers have a responsibility to keep employees mentally and physically well—and the ability to work from home plays a large role in doing just that.

Working remotely is an expectation, not a perk.

When looking at the data from the workplace survey, companies and employers are increasingly at risk of losing talent to competitors who are better able to adapt to office trends. One in three (32%) of U.S. employees spend all of their time in an office. The ability to work in any physical capacity is quickly becoming the number one factor overall as workers adapt their work habits to the demands of their lives outside the office.

Data from the survey also suggests that open office designs are distracting to 37% of workers and could potentially benefit from work done at home. More than half of employees (57%) say that working remotely removes distractions that occur in the office.

Distractions in the office

The Staples Workplace Survey gives these 4 issues as the most common distractions exacerbated by a lack of private space at work:

  1. Overhearing coworker conversations.
  2. Overhearing co-workers’ personal phone calls.
  3. Working in high-traffic areas.
  4. Working near something who is angry or upset.

You can download a free PDF of the Staples Workplace Survey by visting the Staples website at

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