Eliminating Adhesives in Roofing Systems

02/06/2018 |

How one manufacturer is using VELCRO Brand fasteners as an attachment method

Eliminating Adhesives in Roofing Systems

Building codes and standards are zeroing in on eliminating VOCs in building materials, which can cause headaches for facilities managers looking for compliant products. Carlisle SynTech, a roofing manufacturer located in Carlisle, PA, is introducing VELCRO® Brand Fasteners into the equation as a roofing attachment between the membrane and insulation board.

Its FleeceBACK RL RapidLock Roofing System eliminates the need for adhesives and VOCs that come with them. Additionally, it has no temperature restrictions, meaning northern climates no longer need to worry about adhesives not working in the cold.

“You’re eliminating bonding adhesives, so there are no flash off times,” explains Austin Kulp, FleeceBACK Project Manager at Carlisle SynTec. “You’re also eliminating two-part urethane foams this way, since the VELCRO fasteners are going to take over as the attachment method.”

Kulp anticipates that using VELCRO Brand Fasteners as an attachment method will save 80% on labor compared to adhesives, in large part because it eliminates flash off times, which delay productivity.

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