Office Redesigns Focus on Flexibility of Workspace and Employees

04/27/2018 | By Valerie Dennis Craven

Think about how you work best. If you’re like me, there is no one right answer. It depends on the task. Sometimes I need a private, quiet space to conduct an interview. Other times I need to have other creatives accessible to me so we can brainstorm and bounce ideas off one another. And when I’m doing administrative tasks, I’m fine with music playing or people chatting in the background.

Flexibility Equals Productivity

A recent survey by Staples Business Advantage found that people want work options and flexibility to be productive. Workers in the common open-office design find it more collaborative but also more distracting than working in a closed office.

Many offices are now redesigning with flexibility in mind. Popular now are rooms of various sizes, from small nooks or “phone booths” to cafeterias with seating to accommodate large groups and intimate gatherings at mealtime and beyond. You will find examples of furniture that can be moved, manipulated and configured in different ways.

Common among office redesigns is the ability for people to work in a way that best suits them and their task.

Throughout the projects we highlight in this issue, you will see how various options are letting employees decide what environment works for them. You will find a focus on flexibility in all four of the sections of our Office and Interiors feature, broken down by:

  • Collaborative spaces and meeting rooms
  • Individual workspaces and privacy
  • Wellness and health amenities
  • Cafes and breakrooms

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